Facilities & Equipment

IKE Micro operates from a leased 14,000 square foot facility in Nashua, NH. The facility was completely refurbished and fit-up to meet our specifications. The space includes a 3,250 sq. ft. Class 10,000 Clean Room with ESD flooring, a SMT and hand soldering area with ESD flooring, a stockroom to support both consignment and turnkey builds, and 3 other manufacturing areas for proprietary manufacturing and expansion. IKE Micro has made a significant re-investment in equipment to ensure we have state of the art automatic machinery to support chip and wire and SMT operations. IKE currently operates two shifts to support larger production runs.

We are proponents of the “5 S’s”, and maintain a clean, organized, and safe work environment. If warranted we will set up work cells and exclusive equipment to support specific programs. All employees complete formal ESD training, and check heel and wrist straps daily. Equipment calibration is performed annually on site. There is an extensive in-house preventive maintenance program for all serviceable equipment.

Below is a partial list of equipment used in our manufacturing operation:

Quantity Description
2 Datacon 2200 EVO Twin Head Multi-chip die bonder, picks from wafer (multi wafer magazine) gel packs, waffle packs, precision dispensing, pin transfer, pattern recognition, 10um accuracy. 2nd machine has flip chip and wafer map reading capabilityfor Datacon info click here
1 Mydata MY100SXe-10/14, up to 21,500 components per hour, 01005s and 0201s, QFPs, BGAs, CAD download, Line Vision System. for MY100SXe info click here
1 Hesse & Knipps Bondjet 715 Automatic wedge/ribbon bonder,.0007″ wire to .010″ ribbon, deep access, for H and K 715 Bondjet info click here
1 Hesse & Knipps Bondjet BJ 820 Automatic wedge/ribbon bonder,.0007″ wire to .010″ ribbon, deep access, for Bondjet BJ820 info click here
1 Palomar 8000 High Speed, Deep Access Automatic Ball Bonder. Hybrids, Multi-Chip Modules, Sensors, Chip on Board, Chip on Flex, Auto Pre-Ball, Auto Security Ball for Palomar 8000 click here
1 EKRA XACT 4 Stencil Printer, Fully Automatic Vision Alignment, post print inspection, automatic stencil cleaning for EKRA XACT 4 click here
1 Disco DAD3240 Dicing Saw, 8″ universal chuck, cuts assembled arrays, silicon, other materials, for DISCO Saw Info Click here
2 Camalot 1818 Epoxy/Solder Dispensing Systems Dual Heads, Positive Displacement Pumps, Heated Work Stages
1 Heller 1500W Convection Reflow Oven 11 foot, 10 zone, tin/lead and lead free capable
2 C.W. Price Screen Printer
2 K&S 1419 Automatic Gold Ball Bonder set up for hybrids
3 Mechel Gold Ball Bonders
1 Mechel Deep Access Wedge Bonder
1 Westbond High Frequency Wedge Bonder (Duroid Bonding)
1 Westbond .0007″ Wedge Bonder
1 Westbond Gold Ribbon Bonder
2 Westbond Deep Access Wedge Bonder
2 Westbond .001″ Gold Wedge Bonder
1 Westbond Thermosonic “Tacker”, Beam Leads and Coils
1 Westbond Aluminum Wedge Bonders
1 Orthodyne Large Wire Aluminum Bonder
1 Unitek Phase Master IV Light Force Welder
1 Unitek Model 80 Thin Line Resistance Welder
2 Dage Bond Pull Tester
2 Mechel Eutectic Die Attach Station
6 Westbond Semi-Automatic Epoxy Die Attach Stations
1 LFE Plasma Cleaner, High Purity Argon
5 Blue M, Yamato, Hotpack Curing Ovens, 25c – 300c
1 DYMAX UV Light Curing Flood Lamp System
1 Sikama Three Stage Belt Reflow Oven
1 Branson 250 Degreaser with automatic robotic arm to control cleaning profile
1 Varian 959 DP Helium Leak Detector
6 EFD or equivalent manual dispense stations
1 STI 12″ x 12″ digitally controlled hot plate for solder board
mount operation
1 High Power Resistance Soldering Station for feedthru
installation and rework
15 Hot Plates, Ewald and STI
10 Solder Stations, Metcal, Ungar and Haiko
2 Solder Pots
1 Nikon High Power Inspection Scope
2 Unitron Inspection Scopes
34 B&L Microscopes
2 Bonding Source Epoxy Film Presses
1 Midas Hot Gas Repair Station
1 Nitrogen Glove Box
1 Particle Counter
27 Experienced, cross-trained and certified awesome employees